Hi thanks for landing on our website. delighted you are here and excited for you too. Congratulations first and foremost on your engagement how cool is it to be planning a wedding? We are Mr and Mrs Bamford a photography duo who met 12 years ago at a local photography club geeky I know but we shared a fond passion for F stops and decided to become an item and start photographing weddings. 12 years later we haven’t looked back and have had the honour and the privilege to be part of over 350+ weddings during the last 12 years each one unique but all enjoyable.

We understand there is much to organise and do in the run up to your big day and crossing “must have” services of your list is really satisfying, I know having organised our own wedding 2 years ago. Our big day took place in December 2019 fortunately just before Covid hit it was a lovely day with over 50 guests but it was stressful trying to get everything in place in the run up to the big day. We hope to help in any way we can make your choice of wedding photographer that tiny bit less stressful. We have a wealth of experience and contacts in the industry and can recommend mutual suppliers if you’d like recommendations and we are always here as a sounding board if you need to speak to us in the run up to your big day. Grab a cuppa, take a browse of our site and give us a text, call or email to chat further. We’d love to hear from you. Best wishes Natalie and Ian Bamford xx